Junior Singles Competitions

Juniors Singles Competitions 16th and 17th November 2019

Here are the results of the recent junior singles competitions. Not only is it important for kids to keep practicing but it’s also important for their development as players to get some match practice. In matches, they get the opportunity to put everything into practice, their skills, their fitness, their stamina, and their court etiquette.


Orange Junior Ball


Winner: Oscar Wilkinson

Runner-Up: William Goode



Winner: Lucy Ryan

Runner-Up :Robyn Seymour

Yellow Tretorn ball

U12 Boys

Winner: David Goode

Runner-Up: Scott O’Donnell

U12 Girls

Winner: Fiona Byrne

Runner-Up: Sarah Purtill

U14 Boys

Winner: Cormac Byrne

Runner-Up: Rowan Butler

Why Tennis is Good for You

Unlike other popular sports, tennis is widely accessible, easy on the joints and keeps players social without requiring large team rosters. Local tennis clubs and larger tennis associations also keep players on the court long after their youth league days are over. Whether for competition or simply for leisure, tennis is a sport your child can play for as long as they please. Plus, according to a recent study highlighted in The New York Times, tennis could be linked to a longer life!

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