Coronavirus (by Lesley O’Meara)

There’s a nasty new virus we don’t want inside us
Corona – or Covid 19
There’s rules to obey so you must stay away
Cos we haven’t a clue where you’ve been

They’re telling us that, it has come from a bat
We know it’s more major than minor
It’s certainly global and worse than Chernobyl
And traveled from Wuhan in China

If you start coughing, we’ll find it quite shocking
A sneeze gives a violent reaction
Don’t come near my face and get out of my space
Or you may find I take legal action

It’s shut the world down, every city and town
We’ll suffer a nasty recession
Cos jobs have been lost at a very high cost
And some have gone into depression

There’s good and there’s bad, so don’t be too sad
Just look at the waters around us
Venice is clear so the fish reappear
I think that will always astound us

With gardens well-kept, we have come to accept
That food is our one kind of shopping
We’re doing it right as the end is in sight
The infection and death rates are dropping

The kids think it’s cool cos they don’t go to school
Whilst parents have made a confession
After meetings on Zoom with kids in the room
There’s respect for the teaching profession

As lock-down is easing and stress is decreasing
Let’s pray for the scientists so clever
They’re desperately keen, to find the vaccine
That will banish Corona forever