Singles Leagues – Women/Men

Singles Leagues – Women/Men

1 Jul 2020 - 31 Aug 2020
All Day


Singles Leagues – Women and Men

Round 1 of the Women’s & the Men’s Singles Leagues has started and the divisions are listed on the KBTC ebooking (court booking) system.  To view click on Leagues & then select your league. See screen shot below.

There are 5 divisions in the Womens & 7 divisions in the Mens Leagues. Each division has 4 players.

Key Rules

  • Round 1 finishes at midnight 31 July. Any matches played after that date will not be scored.
  • Players are responsible for organising their own matches – contact numbers for all players are on the league tables.
  • Each match is 2 sets with a championship tie-break played if one set all.
  • Players are responsible for entering their results on the system – one point for each set or championship tie-break won.
  • For each match played, players will be rewarded with one additional point … so those who play all their matches will receive 3 extra points.
  • The system automatically promotes the top scoring player & relegates the lowest scoring player for Round 2 which will start 1st August.
  • The courts are very busy – so we ask that you arrive in time for your match, and warm-up no more than 5 – 10 mins. League matches do not take priority. If your court is booked by other players for the next time slot and you have not completed your match – you will need to arrange another time to finish the match.
  • The full list of rules are pinned to the outdoor notice board on the clubhouse.

Womens Doubles & the Mens Doubles will start next weekend, members choose their own partners or sign up singly & a partner will be assigned. Closing date for SIGN UP next Wednesday 8th July at 6pm online to [email protected].

Sign up for the mixed doubles is Wednesday 15th July. Kicking off 17th July.

New Senior + Junior League starting 23rd July … more details later.

Queries to league organiser:  Michelle Robson at [email protected].