Ladies’ and Men’s Doubles Leagues

Ladies’ and Men’s Doubles Leagues

5 Jun 2021 - 31 Aug 2021


The Ladies’ Doubles League 2021 & the Gentlemen’s Doubles League 2021


  • Player no. 1 is the captain of the team.
  • Games are self-scheduling. Captains contact other teams & arrange matches.
  • At the start of each round the captains will receive an email listing all the teams in their division. Teams play the other teams in their division.
  • Each match is 2 sets with a championship tie-break at one set all.
  • NO-ADVANTAGE: If a game reaches deuce, the next point wins. The receivers choose which side to receive the service – the receiving team cannot change sides to receive this deciding point.
  • Captains enter match result electronically on the league table.  click on ‘Book a Court’, click on ‘Leagues’ – from the drop-down box select Men’s Doubles /Women’s Doubles.  Each set and tie-break is scored at ONE point.  (i.e. – results are either 2/0; 2/1).
  • FORFEIT: A forfeit is scored as -1 / 2.   We ask that players keep to the spirit of fair play, & give a forfeit if one team cannot reasonably accommodate an opponent.   Where two teams equally cannot arrange their match, then no score should be entered.
  • If a player is injured during a match or unable to continue, their team must forfeit the match, entering 0/2 – should their team be a set ahead before injury, then enter a score of 1/2.
  • If a team has to drop out during a round, scores of -1/2 will be entered for all matches that have not already been played.
  • The system automatically give teams’ one additional point for each match played.
  • Each round of the league, dependant on numbers in divisions, will be either 3 or 4 weeks in duration with players playing 3 – 4 matches. If all divisions have 4 or less teams then the round will be 3 weeks – where there is a division of 5, the round will be 4 weeks.   All games must be played within the time period allocated for the round. The closing date of the round is shown at top of league table.  Results cannot be entered once a table is closed.
  • The system automatically re-ranks teams according to their scores and promotes & relegates to each division for the next round. The system will then generate the tables for the next round.
  • As far as possible all divisions will have 4 teams only – if numbers are uneven, then the lowest division will have either 3 or 5 teams, OR the lowest 2 divisions will have 3 teams.
  • For the initial round, teams have been ranked by the selectors committee.
  • Joining / Leaving
    • Members may join a league at the start of a new round. New entrants into the leagues will be ranked by the selectors committee and entered in the division judged most appropriate provided this does not interfere with league promotions. (Entry will be the highest available spot that does not impact on promotions – according to selectors committee ranking)
    • Teams can opt out of a round – you must notify the organiser. As far as is possible when a team re-joins they will re-enter the same division.
    • If your partner has to drop out due to injury / vacation – you may replace your partner in the next round without your ranking being affected. (Replacements / substitutes are not allowed once a round has started). Replacements have to be approved by the league organiser.
  • League matches do not take priority. If your court is booked by other players for the next time slot and you have not completed your match – you will need to arrange another time to finish the match.
  • Please arrive in time for your match. Warm up should be no longer than 6 min.
  • The format and rules may need to be changed to allow the league to run smoothly, this is at the discretion of the league organiser.
  • Tie-break: A tie break is played if a set reaches 6 games all.  First player to 7 points winning by 2 points wins the set. (A set is won when one player reaches 6 games winning by 2 games)
  • Championship Tie-break: At one set all, a championship tie-break is played. First player to 10 points winning by 2 points wins the match.
  • Please be mindful of social distancing. Do not shake hands at the end of your match. Feedback/queries to the League Organiser: Michelle Robson at [email protected].

Michelle Robson, June 2021