A “Who’s-Who” of Tennis

(A little bit of fun reading for tennis fans – By Lesley O’Meara)

There once was a man, Roger Federer
At tennis got better and betterer
The great man was Swiss
And he just didn’t miss
On the court he was just like a predator


Rafa Nadal is from Spain
For years, No.1 he would reign
But his knees they were wonky
He’d run like a donkey
For a while he had to abstain


There’s also a Scotsman called Murray
Who once ate a big dodgy curry
When he heads for the loo
Just let him go through
He’ll be in a desperate hurry


The best in the world is Serena
So powerful – maybe you’ve seen her
Her serve – if it hit you
Would likely transmit you…
To a place far away – Argentina


That Djokovic fella’s a Serb
To describe him I need the right verb
Simply delightful
To play him – it’s frightful
For years he was simply superb


Another good Swiss is our Stan
Hits a backhand like Federer can
He’ll stay behind Roger
Till he’s an old codger
He’ll never be more than wingman


That tall Russian one – Sharapova
I can tell you that she’s no push-over
She was popping some drugs
Does she think we were mugs!
For a while her career was over


There’s a kranky Australian – Kyrgios
I think he has something quite serious
But what, I’m not sure
Though he does need a cure
Cos when he’s on court he’s delirious!


Wozniacki, now that’s a good story
About golf and a fella called Rory
“I do” nearly said
But Rory had fled
And caused a major furore-y


Most grand slams are won by that Swiss
Whilst others you mainly dismiss
But god all that shrieking
Whilst taking a beating
Some earplugs would not go amiss!


Players travel from pillar to post
It’s simple – you lose and you’re toast
Blood, sweat and tears
After playing for years
Winning Wimbledon’s what they want most