New Members Information

Useful Information for New Members

KBTC welcomes new members and makes every effort to make the club environment a relaxed and friendly place where members new and old can share their enjoyment of tennis. This page provides information for those who are new to the club. All members must be familiar with the club rules, which are available on the Rules page under the About menu.

The clubhouse can be accessed using a swipe card which is issued to all paid-up members when they join the club. Juniors can only access the clubhouse under adult supervision. Keys for court gates are provided within the clubhouse.

The standard tennis ball used in the club at present is the Tretorn Plus. Balls can be purchased locally in the Forge Shop, Convent Hill, Killaloe.

Balls for Juniors
There are three types of balls used by junior players in the club. The red ball is larger than a regular yellow ball and it is 75% slower. It is recommended for 5 – 8 year-olds as it helps beginners to develop their hand-eye coordination and it makes it easier for them to keep the ball on the court. The orange ball is the same size as a regular ball but it is 50% slower. It is recommended for 8 – 10 year-olds. The green ball is 25% slower than a regular ball and is recommended for 9 – 10 year-olds.

Red Junior Ball
Orange Junior Ball                      Green Junior Ball

Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn on the courts. Only clean tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. Shoes with studs of any form or heavy treads are not allowed.

You are responsible for locking up the courts and the clubhouse and for seeing to it that the premises are secure and clear of any litter or debris before leaving the club, and for taking the initiative to deal with any minor problems (e.g. picking up litter, securing any lost property you find, locking courts left open by others). Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises. Parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children while on the premises. Games other than tennis are not allowed.

Members may bring a guest on occasion but not on a regular basis. The guest must be signed into the guest book provided in the clubhouse. A nominal guest fee applies. More more details, click the Guests page.

Court bookings
All court bookings are made on-line using the Book a Court link or icon. This will take you to the online booking system where you log in using your user ID and your own PIN. If you do not have a user ID, or you have forgotten it, contact the club secretary.

The following basic booking rules apply:

  • Booking is one week in advance only
  • Not more than two courts can be booked in advance
  • Two member’s names must be placed in the booking slot
  • Juniors cannot book courts after 7 pm
  • Club events take booking precedence

Light Cards
All four courts are floodlit. The lights are operated via the meters in the clubhouse by pressing the button on the metre associated with each court. Since April 2019, light cards are no longer required for operating the metres. The cost of lighting has been incorporated into annual fees.

Entering Club Events
The club calendar of events is posted on this website and on the notice board. Members wishing to take part in competitions will be asked to sign up either on the noticeboard or online. The schedule of match times is usually sent by email. Events are open to members of all standards.