Court Booking Rules

  • Time slots are of 1.5 hours (90 mins) duration, except between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday when time slots are of one hour duration.
  • All players intending to play must be named on all court bookings, i.e., the players named on the court booking system must be the people playing at that time!
  • Players not listed on the online booking system should be entered as ‘guest’ and named on the booking slot.
  • A maximum of two slots only may be booked in advance at peak times. Peak times are considered as 6pm – 9pm and when coaching is taking place.
  • Booking is only possible one week in advance.
  • A maximum of two time slots per day may be booked by any member. Slots cannot be consecutive and a maximum of one booking before 6pm and one after 6pm is allowed.
  • Juniors may not book courts from 7.30pm onwards. Over 16s, however, are allowed to play with a senior member.
  • Senior players may not book courts to play with juniors under 16 years of age after 7.30pm.
  • Players are required to cancel court bookings if they are not going to use the time slot. If players arrive more than 15 minutes late, their booking is forfeited.
  • Competition matches have priority over all over court bookings.


General Rules

All other KBTC rules, procedures and policies are detailed in the embedded document below (revised in 2023).

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